[Video] The "Post-Crisis" Consumer

Part of the “Video Mondays” series

As job growth in the US is reported to have stalled, a host of commenters have weighed in recently on the prospects for the “new normal” among consumers. (Businessweek’s David Leonhard had one roundup on the paradox of current consumer psychology).

As such, it seems like an apt time to look back at John Gerzema’s talk from BRITE ’10 this spring, on the subject of “The Post-Crisis Consumer.”

Drawing on a wealth of data on consumer sentiment, John looked at how attitudes towards spending, values, and brands were changing even before the market collapse of fall 2008.

Whether or not we are anywhere near being “post-crisis,” the focus Gerzema sees on social values and the enterprises that embody them may characterize customers for years to come.


If video does not appear, click here to watch it on BRITEconference.com


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